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(Eng2Hnrs) Requirements for Turn-In with Research Paper - Included listed Activities
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english2honors wrote in mrstockeng2
These are the following items that are required for turn in with your research paper:

01. ____ Research paper itself in MLA format

02. ____ Works cited page in proper MLA format attached as the last page of your paper

03. ____ 8 notecards that contain the citations you used in your paper

04. ____ the outline (activity 16) we created in class with at least two bullet points explained

05. ____ Your rough draft(s)

06. ____  The printed research packet with all 13 included bullying articles

07. ____ All Due Activities: (8, 13, 14, and 16)

1 (already checked)
2 (already checked)
3 (already checked)
4 (already checked)
5 (already checked advertisement)
6 (already checked)
7 (note cards/reference rings, already checked)
8 (vocabulary chart DUE for TURN IN)
9 (already check pink paper)
10 (we skipped this activity)
11 (we did in class, already checked)
12 (did in class, already checked)
13 (DUE for TURN IN)
14 (DUE for TURN IN)
15 (we did in class, already checked)
16 (the outline (noted above) to be TURNED IN as stated above)
17 (already checked)
18 (skipped this assignment)
19 (already checked: thesis)
20 (already checked: rough draft)
21 – 26 (not to be turned in, draft work)

(Completed packets (all items above) will be accepted by the end of the school day June 7th for 25 extra credit points.  Packets turned in by the end of class on Friday, June 10th will be accepted, and none thereafter).

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! ahhh i was dying:P

(Eng2Hnrs) how to cite a song in MLA works cited

how to cite a song:

Sound Recordings

List sound recordings in such a way that they can easily be found by readers. Generally, citations begin with the artist name. They might also be listed by composers (comp.) or performers (perf.). Otherwise, list composer and performer information after the album title.

Use the appropriate abbreviation after the person’s name and a comma, when needed. Put individual song titles in quotation marks. Album names are italicized. Provide the name of the recording manufacturer followed by the publication date (or n.d., if date is unknown). List the appropriate medium at the end of the entry (e.g. CD, LP, Audiocassette). For MP3 recordings, see the “Digital Files” section below.

Note: If you know and desire to list the recording date, include this information before the manufacturer name. Use the abbreviation for “recorded” (Rec.) and list the recording date (dd mm year format) before the manufacturer name.

Foo Fighters. In Your Honor. RCA, 2005. CD.

Nirvana. "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Nevermind. Geffen, 1991. Audiocassette.

Beethoven, Ludwig van. The 9 Symphonies. Perf. NBC Symphony Orchestra. Cond. Arturo Toscanini. RCA, 2003. CD.

thanx for the list of things to turn in because i would have just turned in the rough draft and final draft and probably failed the whole thing

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