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Que esta pasando?
ukemonstrkeltoi wrote in mrstockeng2
hey! wheres my promised post?!!! can anyone else bsides stock offer some e-help?

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what do u need help w/?

well could u extrapolate on three and four? ive got only the gist of it bad...but its really tripping me up

three and four of what the paper?

III. Evidence that bullying is a problem.

* Quotations and paraphrases from the articles in the packet (+ extra articles).
One example that points to the problem of bullying is, “teens everywhere report being beaten up at school” (78).

(Basically just find some quotes[1 0r 2] and/or use paraphrasing to give examples as proof that bullying is a problem in schools.)

IV. Evidence that bullying is a problem in your school

* Having seen examples of bullying in our country (around the nation), I will now present some evidence that bullying occurs at LLHS or if you want “local” bullying problems.
* It’s here where you will discuss and present the stories/testimony interviews, et cetera here at school related to bullying. (Some ideas: look at old versions of the Record Bee. Talk to old teachers and ask them how things have changed, old stories…
(Same as 3 but make it more specific 2 LLHS using quotes from people at LLHS)

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