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(Eng2Hnrs) Requirements for Turn-In with Research Paper - Included listed Activities
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These are the following items that are required for turn in with your research paper:

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(Completed packets (all items above) will be accepted by the end of the school day June 7th for 25 extra credit points.  Packets turned in by the end of class on Friday, June 10th will be accepted, and none thereafter).

(Eng2Hnrs) Research Paper Outline (Support) - As Seen in Class
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 I. Intro to the problem
* Hook
* personal story/question: if you or someone you loved were the victim of a physical bullying scenario/quote
* explicitly tie the hook to the issue: my cousin’s story of abuse highlights what happens in schools everyday… the bullying problem is worldwide...
Blending language (signal words)
*State your thesis.
…And it is this issue of bullying that will be the focus of this research paper. I propose that one substantive solution that will minimize the bullying problem to be….THESIS

II. The definition of bullying. *requires citation (recommended at least 2)

* State the definition using quotations the words of others…. In other words, definitions from others.
* State your own definition of bullying and combine the two into a working definition of bullying that you will stick with throughout the paper.
(Transitional language ….
It is important to have one agreed upon definition for bullying, and this is the definition that I believe to be best and that I will defend in this paper. Having defined bullying we can now examine evidence behind the bullying problem.

III. Evidence that bullying is a problem.

* Quotations and paraphrases from the articles in the packet (+ extra articles).
One example that points to the problem of bullying is, “teens everywhere report being beaten up at school” (78).

IV. Evidence that bullying is a problem in your school

* Having seen examples of bullying in our country (around the nation), I will now present some evidence that bullying occurs at LLHS or if you want “local” bullying problems.
* It’s here where you will discuss and present the stories/testimony interviews, et cetera here at school related to bullying. (Some ideas: look at old versions of the Record Bee. Talk to old teachers and ask them how things have changed, old stories…

* Transition to next paragraph.

V. Why your school needs a solution to the bullying problem.

* Show long term (serious) consequences of bullying….
Here you can talk about and bring up all the really sad cases… of bullying. Suicides, counseling, depression, changing schools, shooting up schools.

* Cite to cases in the news/articles/packet of these serious examples.

VI. Your solution to the bullying issue (even solution(s) that only diminish or in some way lessen the impact of bullying.)

* Restate your thesis.
* Explain 1. HOW and 2. WHY your solution would work, step by step, point by point.
* Give arguments that support your solution.
(using quotes and comparisons is not a bad idea in this paragraph.)

VII. Conclusion

* Restate/remind reader of your hook!!!!!
* Restate your best argument for why your solution will work.
* Thoughts on the future of bullying and your (your area’s) role in the betterment of society. Or the positive effects of decreasing the amount of school bullying.

(Reminder: Final Research Papers are due Tuesday by the end of the school day (7 June 2011).

Papers turned in by June 7 will receive 25 extra credit points.  I will accept papers up until the end of class on Friday, June 10th, without a late penalty.  Papers will not be accepted after June 10th.

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(Eng2Hnrs) Famous Author Invents Through Science Fiction
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 Authors changing the world: even in science.

or click here.

For anyone interested...
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I saw this this morning in the record-bee and thought it was really sweet:


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Long story short, Ian Smith's dad wrote an article about how proud he is that Ian is graduating, considering the obstacles he's had to face.

I didn't know if you've already seen it, Stock-I was planning on telling you about it this morning.

A smile for your day. :D

To all those Procrastinators.....
Anonymity-state of being unnamed/unknown

Rogue-acts on their own

Acknowledged-to accept existence of

Affluent-state of being well off

Amid- among or in the middle

Allegedly-Supposed, but not proven to be true

LEGITimate-to be official/genuine

Embedded-engraved/put into

Awry-messed up/chaotic

Infer-to guess based on evidence.

Fodder- Food for da horsez(And other livestock)

There goes 6 minutes of my life I'll never get back.....

(Eng2Hnrs) Review Lesson on MLA Works Cited Formats (for Book & Magazine)
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(Eng2Hnrs) Thaddeus Presents Fahrenheit 451 Dialogue
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